During performances, Pieremachochel wears the traditional costume of Westkapelle, in the province of Zeeland. This costume was primarily chosen because it looks nice. Also, it is not too complicated to manufacture and to maintain.

The costume for women is held together by about forty pins, and without any buttons or zippers. Also the hats are attached with pins. For the women, dressing takes over an hour. They are assisted in this by the male dancers. According to some, this is the secret behind the large number of male dancers at Pieremachochel.

The women wear jewelry that consists of precious coral, and golden ornaments in their hair.

Men wear a black woolen suit, consisting of loose trousers, a striped keel and a black jacket. We usually don't wear the black coat, because it would be too hot. Despite the sobre looks, the male costume is more costly than the female costume: in the old days, the silver pieces used to keep up the trousers, and the silver neck buttons could only be afforded by rich people.

Pieremachochel deeply respects the traditional costume of Westcappele, and wants it to look perfect during performances. We always take one and a half hour for dressing.

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